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Create & Educate's Module Series

C- Creating

 R- Realities,

                 E- Experiences, and 

A- Agencies

T- That         

E- Excel       

Through Education


Modules that Educate

Conducting Business with K-12 Schools

Create and Educate's 4-Step System will have you consistently obtaining business from K-12 Schools adding a lucrative stream of revenue to your business. Successful vendors are earning $10K or more in sales from one or two schools.  Why not you?  Learn how today! Obtain pricing information from a trainer or coach by filling out the contact form located near the bottom of the page.

Watch The Conducting Business with Schools Webinar Here

Breaking into the Mental Health Industry

Learn from 6-figure earning trainer and coach, Neeka Grafton, how the mental health business is looking for entrepreneurs and affiliates to help serve the multitude of women, men, and children in need of services due to impacts of the global pandemic.  Obtain pricing information from a trainer or coach by  filling out the contact form located near the bottom of the page.

Coaches and Trainers Modules

Create and Educate works with affiliate coaches that have great content to present to the world, but are too busy to manage it.  We take the guess work out and do that for you.  We train our coaches and manage the content.  

We also help coaches or aspiring coaches and trainers scale their busiensses, perfect their messaging and develop a strategic plan. Obtain pricing information from a trainer or coach by filling out the contact form located near the bottom of the page.


We value feedback from our customers as we create quality training and coaching experiences.  Hear from satisfied customers! Click here to listenTestimonials Part I &  Testimonials Part II.  See Brailey's Tour and Hannah's Wish our Virtual Literacy Events.

News and Publications

Create and Educate has been featured on CN2, WBTV, Education First, Awakening Educator, Purple Table Talk, Doc's Success Formula, The I Am Dr. Sharon Show, Today in the Woods, and Talking with Tabatha.  Click here to see Create and Educate in the News:  Create and Educate in the News

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